Salt Chlorine Generators

A salt chlorine generator is a swimming pool chlorination system that creates chlorine from salt. Before a salt chlorine generator can operate sufficiently, the swimming pool water must have a salt concentration of 3,000 ppm. For comparison, Ocean water has a salt concentration of roughly 35,000 ppm.

As salt water travels through the swimming pool’s circulation system, it enters the salt chlorine generator and passes through a salt cell. As the salt water flows through the cell, a low-voltage direct current is applied to plates inside the cell, initiating electrolysis. Through this electrolysis, the swimming pool water gets sanitized and ultimately reverts back into salt. This process continues to repeat, and leaves your pool chlorine levels stable.

Having a salt chlorine generator offers pool owners many benefits.  Salt chlorine generators require very few additional chemicals, as they produce nearly neutral pH levels. Salt generators also reduce skin and eye irritation. Your skin will actually feel smoother as well.

After making your initial investment in a new salt system you will still want to perform regular maintenance on your pool and your salt system unit. This will prolong its life span and ensure that your pool is healthy and safe so you can enjoy it whenever you like.

If you have any existing issues with your salt chlorine generator system, or installation of a new system call ACES Inc today!

Jandy AquaPure

The Jandy AquaPure® salt-water chlorine sanitizing systems use salt water to deliver high-performance water sanitation with uncompromised performance, reliability and hydraulic efficiency. Rely on its sturdy design and simple features to create your saltwater oasis.

Jandy TruClear

The Jandy Pro Series new TruClear is an extremely reliable saltwater chlorinator designed for easy installation, use and service. The energy-efficient TruClear also works at extremely low-flow rates making it fully compatible with variable-speed pumps.

ACES is a proud member of the Zodiac Pool Pro Network and we always recommend using Jandy products. All Jandy salt systems come with a 3-year limited manufacturers parts and labor warranty. We warranty all Jandy Salt Chlorine systems, and also service Pentair and Hayward/Goldline products. For any repair or replacement issues, or the installation of a new salt chlorine generator, call ACES today.

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